Removal of air injection system

Jul 2013
Has anybody removed or disconnected/plugged the air injection system at the front of the cylinder heads? I see a plug and play removal kit for the monster 821 but not sure it will work on hyper. I can fashion my own plates but don't know if it will throw codes or cause poor running, ecu corrections, etc. Anybody done this?
Sep 2017
Lansing Mi
For almost all bikes. Not just ducati. There are kits for the 821, 939 and 950. Here is another link with some info.
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Jul 2014
It doesn't affect performance or rideability at all. I blocked mine off while datalogging O2 values by simply plugging the lines to the cylinder head reed valves. You can stick a marble in there or anything to plug it up. Some people remove it to simplify the look of the bike. It will make it pollute more that's about it haha.

Mar 2013
Naples, IT
I have a full system, and it pops a lot on decel. My only concern was that my AFR was off. Don't mind the noise so much. These tap in near the injector assemblies?
Sep 2017
Lansing Mi
Couldnt the deceleration pop break the O2 sensors? Everything I see about the O2 sensors(especially in these bikes) say that they are very delicate. Also, if we were to stop pushing air into the exhaust, couldnt it change the values that the O2 sensors are seeing and affect the tune? The video says exactly that, block it when tuning with aftermarket tuner(you mentioned you did that as well) to get accurate reading and better tuning. Better tuning = better performance? I only know what I have seen in the other links which is why i said "supposedly helps with performance" but an accurate tune will definitely help with performance? I have never done the plates in any bike. In fact, I'm using the Kuksul08 tune slightly modified on my 821.