Road 5 & Angel GT II


May 2015
Dallas, Texas
I had such a good experience with the Metzeler Raodtec 01s in wet, dry and horrible potholed backroad, that it still makes sense as a replacement tire.

The new sipe design with the Road 5 makes me think the hourglass design will pack with sand. My experience with the PR2, 3 and 4 was poor. Wobbles after wear and poor rear tire traction with full power application leaned over. But then, I have never had a good experience with any Michelin tire on any vehicle, car, motorcycle or 4X4.

So many rave about the Angel GT that there must be something to this tire.
Link: Pirelli Angel GT Sport Touring Mileage Tire Review

The practical side of me considers sipes to be critical to wet traction, especially on painted surfaces or wet steel, like manhole covers. Roadtec 01 wins here.
Feb 2018
Scottsdale AZ
I had the stock Scropion Trails on my bike. They lasted 3,600 miles, and were decent, but I didn't have complete confidence. Tried the Angel GT's (not II), and once they wore down to about 70% the front got loose a couple of times. They lasted about 3500 miles, and seemed to have worn unevenly, but that may not necessarily point to a tire issue, but I did not like them in all honesty. I currently run the Dunlop Q3+ and on dry pavement, even bumpy, they are simply amazing. I'm not sure how many miles I'll get out of them, but they look good so far with around 2500. By the end of summer I'll be installing the Roadtec's for winter as I wouldn't feel confident in the wet with the Q3+.
Mar 2013
Naples, IT
In the late 90's, early 2000's, Metzler sportbike tires were garbage. Specifically the Battle Axe line. I'm sure that's not the case anymore but, it just developed that Pavlovian response to ignore Metzler products. To solidify my silly prejudice, I hate Michelin tires on my cars but prefer them on my bikes...
Sep 2017
Lansing Mi
I am a huge fan of the metzler m7rr. I was on the fence between the m7rr and Road5. I had a little extra cash and splurged for the Road5. They will be there Tuesday.
Oct 2016
San Francisco
I believe Pirelli owns Metzler these days anyway, maybe that's helping to align the quality between the two?
Jan 2015
I believe Pirelli owns Metzler these days anyway, maybe that's helping to align the quality between the two?
thats right, Diabalo Rosso III and M7RR come from the same factory in Germany, so do the Metzeler Next and Pirelli Scorpion2. I do not know if this is also so for Roadtec and Angel GT2, but probably yes.
I cannot imagine that they build the tires for specific segments different, except the profile. But, I do not know.
Feb 2018
Orcas Island/Chiang Mai
I opted for Rosso III's instead of Angels because I want more pure street performance. Dry pavement performance. I realized that was the purpose of my next chapter of tire, not long distance or touring or rain.
Apr 2013
I've changed from the Angel gt's to the Road 5's. With the GT's it was the most i have had out of a rear tyre at around 6-7k but did notice that it took a while to warm up from cold and would spin up. The 5's are grippy basically from the off. Done a few track days on them and around 3.5K on them at the moment, sides are more worn than the center, amazing tyres. Just fitted them to my Triumph Thruxton R. I'll report on here what the final mileage and wear was like on the 5's
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Mar 2013
Naples, IT
+1 on PR5's. I don't slip and slide as much as I did on the PR3's. I actually have to work to slip the rear on some of my polished glass roads. As good as advertised in the wet. I've been setting out it 30-40 F mornings and I don't get too concerned with warm up as they've never scared me in my old problem areas before entering autostrade.

Now, I'll admit I've kind always had a thing for the look of meaty sport bike tires hanging open off a swingarm. Seriously, the new tread design on these just looks tits. Something really good will have to come along to change me from the PR line.
May 2017
Philadelphia USA
I recently put Road 5 tires on and so far I have no complaints. On wet roads they've got plenty of grip with minimal TC activity. They track perfectly straight over metal grate bridges too which is nice as I have many of those in my area. Cornering feels controlled and confident. Curious to see how they'll wear over time.