Starace 950 R & RS intake kit

Sep 2017
Lansing Mi
The new Starace R & RS performance intake system was announced today. All of the shipping bugs have been worked out. Termignoni has now recognized these (and the 821/939 kits) and sell specific upmap to compliment them. Sprinterfilter has partnered with Giuseppe as well providing specific filters. Here is the advertisement.
"No front wheel required"

Hypermotard 950 & 950 Sp PowerBox - R & RS air intake kits

- Integrated Venturi intake
- larger volume
- new filter position to improve flow to rear cylinder
- dual velocity stack to increase torque and power
- rear asymmetrical velocity stack for ZERO delay of throttle responsive
- innovative air filter design to convert SprintFilter cm61s from round to oval section
- T800 upmap coming soon
of course full Plug&play

Turn around time is said to be 6 working days from time of order.


Jun 2016
Nice! How do we order the product?is there a website now?

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Sep 2017
Lansing Mi
His website is supposed to be up and running the end of January. For now the orders haven't be made by contacting him through Facebook messager directly to the owner of the company. His name is Giuseppe Starace. The dyno graphs are not complete yet. Those will be provided by termignoni and should be posted January 6th. I'll share that info as I see it.
Oct 2016
San Francisco
As of now Termi doesn't have UpMap support for the Hypermotard 939 which is silly considering they cover the 821 and 950. I emailed them and got a generic sounding response about it coming in the next few months... I'll wait for a bit but I'm starting to lean towards a Rexxer EVO unit so I can just flash the thing myself at will. Regardless, once I get a flashing option, I'll be interested in updating the intake.
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