The Suspension Thread!!! BOOING

Oct 2019
Ventura , California
Question on the single cartridge MUPO , any changes needed on the other leg , oil level , different oil weight? Or just replace seals (if needed) and fill oil to factory spec ?
Jun 2014
The people who went the Mupo route. Could you post your settings for front and rear? Just got mine back from being installed and the front is very stiff.
Im 85kg in gear so I went with a 95nm spring in the rear. I actually didnt see any markings on the front springs so not sure what they are but told them my weight. Would like to get the bike setup for riding twistys. Right now the rear feels pretty plush but the front feels like a board.
I just got the mupo front kit put on my strada and am starting my first adventure in suspension tuning. I'm about 220lbs fully geared and the springs in my kit are .7kg/mm . Not sure what the shop set the rebound and compression to, but it felt harsh on rough city roads. I'm interpreting this as compression - the first hit - and backed it off 5 clicks and it's better. I backed off rebound 3 clicks, but I think I feel it "nibbling" so I'll put that back in because I think the wheel is moving too much after the first hit. Not sure how it will play out, but this is the method I'll use. At the moment I'm assumimg my sag is correct - when I bring it up for the winter I'll check this and then go through it systematically again - right now I just want a few more rides before winter's icy grip. BTW - mupo sent me baseline settings (for street and offroad) - did you get those?