Top Case Refurbishing 2013 Hyperstrada

Aug 2019
Corvallis, OR
Good morning everybody,

When I bought my Hyperstrada it came with a used Ducati Top Case.
It's fairly used, the blu color is fading and I was wondering if anybody have any ideas on how to refresh it.

Also, it is missing the lock, it has just the hole, empty.
Any suggestion on how to get a new lock?

One of the zippers plastic finger hold came off, it works but it's hard to hold so I am pretty much using just one of the two zippers, not sure how to fix that, any ideas?

Thanks in advance for all the help!
Nov 2015
I bought some fabric spray paint from Hobby Lobby and that restored the black color nicely. Then I sealed it up by spraying with 303 protector. Made a hell of a mess though. Spray it outside.

The lock I'm not sure about. Maybe you can find a Ducati one or maybe try SW Motech. I was able to find a few replacement parts from them since they make the Ducati bags.

Without the lock you won't be able to secure the case to the rack.