Which Ducati Hyperstrada do you plan on purchasing?

Which Hyperstrada do you plan on buying?

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Nov 2012
There is still time to decide... which Hyperstrada do you plan on purchasing?
Nov 2012
Denver Co.
Being as they are not going to make a Titanium S version it looks like it will be a red one!
Dec 2012
Coastal NH
This will be the first white motorcycle I have ever owned. Normally would never choose white, but I just think it looks right on this bike.
Dec 2012
Ottawa Ontario
Wish they were making in black with the red frame, that looks BA
The black Hypermotard looks stunning!

When I saw it, I almost considered buying it insetad of the Hyperstrada and just adding the wider seat and other "strada" goodies over time...but then it starting looking like an expensive undertanking [i.e. seat, luggage and racks, passenger grab bar, sump guard, risers], so I went for the red 'strada.

If I could get the wider seat, windscreen, grab bar [mostly for strapping on a small duffel bag] and sump guard without hassle and for not more than 500 bucks, I'd be happy to wait on the other stuff, but I really need those items out of the box, so to speak.