Which Tail Tidy / fender eliminator

Feb 2017
Washington, DC
I believe it's 96989911B. I paid $400 at the dealer with a 20% discount. It's pricey but for an extra $200 or so I thought I got the right product for the long run. I plan on keeping the 939 for a very long time. Don't quote me on B or C, I really am not sure.
Jan 2019
I'm looking at a used R&G tail tidy, but am told it only fits the Hypermotard. There is apparently a different version for the Strada. Can anyone explain why, if the only difference is the side bag mount?
Sep 2019
Bend, OR
How'd you route the plate light wire? I had to file a hole in my tail tidy bracket because there was no way to route the wire inside. I'm wondering if they forgot to drill the hole for it since another one of the holes wasn't drilled all the way through. Maybe I got a Friday at 5pm version...

i got the evotech. very good quality. i still had to cut the wire for the license plate light by more than half to make room for the harness to be squeezed into that little space of the tail tidy. no need for soldering nor gluing, just zip-tie (included in kit) to make a neat package which helps in bunching up all the wires

it will work with the side bags with a few millimeters to spare from the turn signals

Sep 2016
Looked this up on the Internet, seems free hosting sites have limitations, this is photobucket:
"Photobucket currently hosts over 130 million photos for over 11 million free users! Effective June 1, 2019, new hosting limits will take effect that will impact a small portion of our image hosters.

What Are the New Limits?
Free hosters will be restricted to 25MB of hosting bandwidth per month. YOUR CURRENT USAGE IS OVER 25MB PER MONTH SO THIS NEW LIMITATION WILL AFFECT YOU.

What Happens If I Go Over My Bandwidth Allowance?
Free hosters, like you, who use more than 25MB of bandwidth will have all of their hosted photos watermarked and blurred."
Mar 2013
Naples, IT
Photobucket made some very greedy moves and I hope they go under. They implemented this 25MB free limit, which is probably max 12 photos with today's cameras. Then they tried the old data storage trap of holding your hosted photos hostage unless you upgrade to a paid plan.

I deleted all my photos on Photobucket and I still get almost daily notices that my profile is over the free limit and I have to upgrade. So, shady and stupid.

Honestly, whats the purpose of having to host your images from a service to post? Does it reduce storage size of the site or something? I hate it. It's almost impossible to find a decent free hosting service. I like that Google Photos works, but it doesn't reduce them to blog size easily.